Forgotten Landmark-Aqueduc de Toustain, Petit-Appeville, Normandy, France

Aqueduc de Toustain (239-291 Rues des Fontaines, Le Petit-Appeville)

This is an entrance to a dry subterranean channel dug in 1558 to lead the waters of the Scie to the town and castle of Dieppe, 1.8 miles to the east. Dieppe is separated from the Scie by a chalk hill 81 meters high. In 1530, the city of Dieppe proposed constructing the aqueduct between the valleys of the Scie and the Arques. The aqueduct consists of two pottery pipes that are each 7 inches in diameter. Its use ended in 1882 after numerous repairs due to natural causes.[i] Tours can be reserved at

[i] Alphonse Alexis Debauve, Édouard Imbeaux; Distributions d’eau, Volume 3; Vve Ch. Dunod, 1906; pg 57-59.

Aqueduc de Toustain


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