Forgotten Landmark-Castle at Neuf-Marche, Neuf-Marche, Bray Valley, France

“The village of Neufmarché, about a league from Gournay, on the right bank of the Epte, still retains a small part of its castle, built by Henry I, to command the passage of the river, and to serve as a barrier against the incursions of the French. Its situation is good, upon an artificial hill, surrounded by a fosse; and the principal entrance is still tolerably entire. But the rest is merely a shapeless heap of ruins: the interior is wholly under the plough; and the fragments of denudated walls preserve small remains of the coating of large square stones, which formerly embellished and protected them. Neufmarché, in the days of Norman sovereignty, was one of the strong holds of the duchy. The chroniclers speak of the village as being defended by a fortress, in the reign of William the Conqueror. The church, too, with its semi-circular architecture, attests the antiquity of the station.”

Castle at Neuf-Marche


Turner, Dawson; Account Of A Tour In Normandy – Volume II, Letters from Normandy Addressed to the Reverend James Layton, B.A. of Catfield, Norfolk; 1820; Letter XVI, pg 44-45.



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